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eMAR MedicalTechnology

Williams Bros. promotes electronic medication administration records to assist you in managing your facility. We have the capability to work with various eMAR systems. eMAR ensures residents receive correct medications and dosages within CMS guidelines. Please contact Williams Bros. to determine the best solution for your specific needs.

What are the benefits of eMAR medical systems?

  • Your nursing staff saves time during the medication pass
  • Month-end changeover is eliminated because accuracy of each medication and treatment ordered is verified in real time using order verification
  • Resident documentation is simplified, quickly accessible, and easily analyzed
  • PRN Follow-up and Vitals reminders
  • Resident photos are displayed for accurate identification
  • Increased accuracy with the Five Rights:
    Right Drug, Right Resident, Right Dose, Right Route, Right Time

Web-Connect Links

Web-Connect is an easy to use tool that provides secure access to your patients’ medication information. This electronic access can improve patient safety, as well as productivity and efficiency for your staff. Some features of Web-Connect are:

  • Allows facility to electronically submit refill medication orders that flow directly into the pharmacy filling queue
  • Gives facility access to view patient profiles, medication orders, non-med orders and allergies
  • Generate destruction reports with pre-populated prescription information
  • Improve patient safety by reducing faxed refill orders
  • Print LOA or a 30 day MAR
  • View and print delivery sheets
  • Medication Administration Records

Facility FTP Link

The WB Facility Link is a secure customer portal allowing nursing and administrative staff to utilize easy-to-use communication and resident management tools. As a Williams Bros. facility, you have immediate access to information and tools to assist you in your daily operations.  Some of the tools that you can view and print are listed below:

  • Pharmacist Consultant Reports
  • Med Cart Audits
  • Med Pass Reports
  • In-services
  • Pharmacy Services Manual
  • Infusion Services Manual
  • Expiration dating and other Pharmacy communication documents

Login to WB Facility FTP


CoverMyMeds, Williams Bros.’ automated Prior Authorization (PA) program, is designed to self-populate the PA and assist your Physicians in obtaining PA’s faster and minimize their processing time. The result is quicker approvals that ensure your patients receive their medications faster!

CoverMyMeds’ secure, HIPAA-compliant software automates prior authorizations, saving prescribers and their staff valuable time and ensuring patients receive the medication they need faster.