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Pharmacy / Nursing Consulting

Home Consulting

Pharmacy ConsultantConsulting

WB pharmacy consultants regularly review every resident’s medication chart. Chart reviews reveal possibly dangerous medication interactions and duplications. They also provide an opportunity for Pharmacists to recommend alternative medications or formulations that may increase the effectiveness of medication regimens or possible cost savings for your facility.

Below are some of the services WB pharmacy consultants provide:

  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM) to improve outcomes while reducing costs
  • Monthly medication regimen review to reduce medication side-effect risks, optimize medication therapies, identify possible therapeutic interchanges for equal or better outcomes and reduced hospital admissions
  • Pharmacy in-services
  • Committee participation
  • All monitoring required by local, state and federal regulations

Pharmacist Consultant Study Conclusions*

*Consultant Pharmacist CHF Study

  • The Consultant Pharmacist plays a vital role in the management of Heart Failure
  • The role of the Consultant Pharmacist goes beyond medication management and includes non-pharmacologic interventions such as diet adherence and weight monitoring
  • ACEI Therapy intolerance appeared significant in this evaluation of data and hindered increased utilization of therapies which inhibit the Renin-Angiotensin System
  • Studies suggest that each 10% improvement in ACC/AHA guideline-recommended composite care is associated with a 13% lower odds of 24-month mortality   

Full Study Results Poster

Nurse Liaison/Educator

Williams Bros. knows how important advancements in new medications, technologies, and evidence-based practices are to your facility operations. By designing continuing education programs to improve skill sets and increase education of your staff, Williams Bros. provides better outcomes for your residents.  These classes are taught by our nurse educator. Williams Bros.’ goal is to help you meet the needs of your residents and your facility through educational opportunities which include but are not limited to:

  • IV certification
  • TB validation
  • CPR certification
  • Educational in-services for nurses and QMA’s
  • Infusion in-services
  • Medication pass observations

If you want to know more about Williams Bros. educational programs for your long term care facility, get in touch with us.

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